WARBOY is a war-themed game. The main character and player is a boy who has joined the Army and is in the war. The game was released on Anzac Day.


Level 1-1Edit

This level begins with you (the soldier) hopping out of your army plane. You are in Iraq. Suddenly, a group of Turban Guys appear. Get out your gun and shoot them. Go along the level, shooting Turban Guys. Suddenly, the ancient temple in the background explodes and out comes an obese, blue giant who claims that he will protect his country and squash all the soldiers like insects. The giant will stab his sword into the ground, sending shockwaves. Jump over the shockwave. The soldiers around you will jump too, except for a few; they will be wiped out. Shoot the giant until he loses most of his health. Then, hop into an army helicopter and fly it. Fly it above the giant and release the chain. The chain will grab the giant's sword. Then, drop the sword onto the giant, killing him. Hop out of the helicopter and keep fighting the Turban Guys. Suddenly, the word "BOSS" will appear on the screen and a bigger Turban Guy will appear. Fight him. Once you have taken away half of his health away,

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