Timequest is about a teenager named Kenny who has an accident with a time machine. He must get back to the present before an hour has passed.


Kenny: Dad, can I play with my toys now?

Dad: Kenny, you're 13 now. You don't need to be playing with toys anymore.

Kenny: Can I at least have my last times with them?

Dad: For an hour. I'll wreck all your toys after the hour has passed.

Kenny goes upstairs. He sees a toy clock and a toy train set. He binds them together and turns on the train. A portal is made.

Kenny: What is that?

-portal sucks in Kenny-


Kenny: I'm in dinosaur times! What'll I do?

Kenny looks at his watch.

Kenny: Oh no! I only have one hour before dad wrecks the time machine! I have to get back!

You must go through lava streams, hide from dinosaurs, and fly on Pterodactyls to get to the end.


Ice Age

Kenny: This was right after that ended.

You must jump over fossilized dinosaurs, and ride woolly mammoths. Avoid bumps and sabertoothed tigers.



Kenny: I'm in the Medieval? How'll I get past the knights?

You must ride horses while escaping from, chasing, and rescuing knights. You must avoid rocks and wizards. At the end is a boss battle, a dragon.


San Francisco Earthquake

Kenny: I'm falling!

You must ride oxen, avoid falling in the water, avoid falling rocks, and hide from thieves behind barrels.



Kenny doesn't say anything, because this level has two hidden secrets.

You must avoid sliding objects and people, and avoid slipping off. One of the secrets is 1000 points. You must push unsliding objects to the end to save the Titanic for the 1000 points. The portal is up the rope.


Kenny: All man! I went too far!

You are at the end, because you have to get to the beginning to get to the past. You must avoid robots. There is also a blast. If you get hit by the blast, you get sent to another time and Kenny complains about it. At the end is another boss battle, a giant robot.


If you got back before 1 hour, (just seconds rolling by swiftly) you come out of the portal, then kick the time machine down. It becomes one hour, then Kenny's dad comes up and demolishes all the toys.


This is the other secret in the Titanic level. It's a bonus level, and can be gotten to by talking to the lady. She gives you a time device. Then it explodes and sends you to this level.

You must ride cows to the end. To teleport, you must get at least 5 people to get out of their houses. The boss is a big 2000. It teleports you to the future if you defeat it.