Nitrome Must Die!!! 2: Jetix Must Die!!! is the sequel to Nitrome Must Die!!!. Now you must kill Jetix and remake it into DISNEY XD

The bosses are:

Floor 10: Motodrone on his motorcycle (from Power Rangers: Ninja Storm).

Floor 20: Scourge and Fortress Maximus (from Transformers RID).

Floor 30: General Ivar in his tank (from VR Troopers).

Floor 40: Wootox in Phantomon in Crowmon (from Power Rangers: SPD, Digimon Adventure, and Digimon Data Squad).

Floor 50: Eggsterminator (from Sonic X).

Floor 60: Para-Dice in TV Ball/TV Robot (from Oban Star-Racers).

Floor 70: Pinch Crusher (from S-Cry-Ed).

Floor 80: Centaurus Wolf Megazord (from Power Rangers: Mystic Force).

Floor 90: Skeleton King (from SRMTHFG).

Floor 100: Jetix Guy

Floor 101: Jetix Guy in Jetix Jet

Floor 102: Jetix Guy in Jetix Truck

Floor 103: Jetix Guy in Jetix Tank

Floor 104: Jetix Guy in Jetix King (combined form of Jetix Jet, Jetix Truck, and Jetix Tank, with Jetix Jet as the head, Jetix Truck as the arms and upper torso, and Jetix Tank as the lower torso and legs).

Floor 105: Ultimate Jetix Guy (final form of Jetix Guy).