Mutiny 2 is the sequel of Mutiny. The pirates face 20 new enemies, listed below. which wont come out.








Sumo Wrestlers



Chinese People

Their Doppelgangers








Muscle Guys



Returning WeaponsEdit

  • Rum Bottle
  • Dynamite
  • Seagull
  • Tidal Wave
  • Voodoo doll

New WeaponsEdit

  • Paper Airplane: Click on it and drag the line back. Release to throw. Use the arrows to steer it. It will explode when it hits a person or land.
  • Treasure Chest: This is a regular treasure chest that only your team can unlock.
  • Prostitute: Gives opponents blow jobs
  • U-Decider: You pick any weapon and it generates it.
  • Time Machine: You get in and redo any move.
  • Mimic: You look like a person from the other team for three moves.
  • Die: You get a die. You roll it. Whatever number is on it is the number of the clones you get.
  • Shoelace: You get a shoelace. You lasso someone and then you rape them
  • Crowbar: A crowbar pries the ground near wherever you click out and the people on the platform fall.
  • Nuke Bomb: Completely kills everbody
  • Pinball: Two people are selected by you. A pinball bounces and reflects off of both of them.
  • Beam: The character selected holds out their hands. A beam of energy blasts in a direction you pick.
  • Tractor Beam: This works the same way as the seagull, except you click to suck up a person, treasure chest, or mine, then click on an item to drop it. It keeps going until all the items are dropped.
  • Escape Pod: Click on a person and then a location, then it flies that person to that location.
  • Double Cherry Bomb: This is a double cherry bomb except you can launch it in any direction.
  • Doors: You make 5 doors in random places. If a person lands in front of one, they go in and exit into a random location.
  • Tractor: You drive a tractor and knock anyone off the platform.
  • Chocolate Bunnies: They taste nice


Efex r thngs u can do 2 wpns. Thy cum in silver treasure chests, except for the Super Ultra, which cum in a invisible treasure chist.

  • Clone the Weapon
  • Turn the Weapon Invisible
  • Double Damage Weapon
  • Flying Weapon
  • Super Ultra Weapon
  • Dick Upsising

Scenarios coming soon

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