King Cauldron

King Cauldron, Knightlet Crazy Emperor (Kaugharu Caraczuy Empratoru) in japanese is a boss and major character in Double Edged: The Roman threat.


Cauldron intended to wake the Hyper Knight to destroy the Greece and spartans but for this we needed the Hekate leader mage.He appeared as a the fifth sub boss in Greek fields fighting along the Hekate leader Mage.


  • Cauldron will intentionaly try to confuse you running quickly around you giving time to Hekate to charge his attack.
  • If Hekate is killed before him, he will be slower and taking weapons form nowhere and trying to stun the player.The weapons eventually are:
  • Axe:If the player is behind him
  • Hammer:If the player is in his front
  • Sword or Lion Hammer:If the player is in side of him.