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Hyper Knight
Hyper Knight,

great discobolus king (Greetahu Dascibolius Karright) in japoanese is the final boss of Double Edged: The Roman threat that appears in Greek fields as the sixth boss.


Hyper knight is a rich king that was killed by Greeks and reveived by the Leader Hekate Mage.Being promised that he will end the Greeks, he is loyal to King Cauldron.


  • Hyper knight will try to stun you whit a boulder or fist.
  • He will Take a axe from his torso and try to cut the player in two halfs.
  • His weak point would be his body but for hitting it he should turn down but then he will shot lasers from his eyes.

Phantom Hyper-KnightEdit

A phantom hyper knight will appear as the sub bos of the Priestry church from Double Edged: The Roman threat ,level 2.


  • Hyper knight was inspired from the big black knight from Tiny Castle.
  • At face,,hyper knight appears as a clown.