Double Edged: The Roman Threat or Double Edged 2 is the sequel of Double Edged.This time, Sparta is threated by Romans.As known, in History Romans taken Ten Greek continents.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Spartans (Red Crest-Single player and Black Crest-Multiplayer)
  • Romans
  • Lord Cauldron
  • Hyper Knight


  • Minotaur-men (Enemy and sub-boss)
  • Lizard-men (Green-Common, Yellow-Fortified, Red-Hyper powerfull)
  • Romans (Varies include):
  • Dagger Romans
  • Axe Romans
  • Reaper Romans
  • Fortified Romans
  • Sword-swinger Romans
  • Bully romans
  • Tri-Romans
  • Hekate priests
  • Priest commanders
  • Roman Commanders


Area 1 Roman CityEdit

  • Sub-Boss:Lizard Commander
  • Boss:Discobolus

Area 2 Priestry ChurchEdit

Area 3 Roman TemplesEdit

  • Sub-Boss:Minotaur-Men
  • Boss:King Claditor

Area 4 ArenaEdit

  • Sub-Boss:Gladiator Grekkus
  • Boss:Traian Ulpius

Area 5 Greek fieldsEdit

  • Sub-Boss 1:Fox-King
  • Sub-Boss 2:Mega-Lizard men
  • Sub-Boss 3.:Barbarian Knight
  • Sub-Boss 4:King Cauldron and Hekate leader Mage.
  • Boss:Hyper Knight



  • Dagger
  • Sword
  • Mega sword
  • Hammer
  • Trident


  • Fortified sword
  • Pantheon Trident
  • Lion Hammer
  • Bear Dagger
  • Hyper Cross buster-saber
  • Geao-Stab


  • The Hekate Mages are an homage to the Priests of Hecate that were early changed as the earl Of hecate.
  • Gladiator Grekkus were used as the best gladiator but its a homage of the gladiators from Double edged.
  • All the roman weapons are originally changed greek weapons excepting the Geao stab and the Hyper cross buster-saber.